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About Nicola

About me Having been in the fitness industry for many years I always felt there was something missing in the way traditional Personal Training and Group Exercise is offered. The client comes in with a ‘problem’ i.e weight loss, we facilitate them to achieve this goal, they lose weight, they believed they’d be happy once the weight loss was achieved, only the real issue lies beneath. Really they wanted to find love, they felt lonely and they had limiting beliefs that they were not good enough, so their goal of obtaining a certain aesthetic was actually to hide to the outside world how unhappy they were deep-down. I found myself, as I battled with an Eating Disorder, Body Image and self worth for many years, my goal was to be stronger mentally, I thought if I made my body stronger, if I became a body builder, the trophies, the likes on social media, the external validation would make me a worthy person. Unconsciously I had trauma to overcome. I find Mindset to be the key to helping people really achieve their goals, gaining confidence in all areas and living life to the full.



NLP is the practice of harnessing the power of language to break down the mental barriers we unknowingly create for ourselves. When 'following your dreams' and reaching your full potential can at times seem impossible, a qualified practitioner can use this specialist technique to help guide you to realise that the only thing holding you back in life, is yourself. This is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). “Neuro” meaning nerve, refers to the way we gather information from the outside world, using our five senses. “Linguistic” is the study of language, referring to the way we make sense of said information by organising it into the structure of language. Finally, “programming” is our way of controlling something. This refers to how we interpret the world and how we control our daily actions, choices and behaviours.


What is NLP?

Maybe you’ve never been given the opportunity, you’re constantly saying, “next year” or your responsibilities are holding you back from reaching your goals. While a daily routine and habit can be difficult to break out of, the excuses you tell yourself are what is really stopping you from making these achievements.

NLP is considered to be one of the most useful and accessible tools to come from modern psychology and can assist with: · stress management · improving feelings of empathy · improving communication skills · resolving destructive relationship patterns.

How can NLP help?

Neuro-linguistic programming is often regarded as “a tool-kit for the mind”, and because of this, NLP is used to improve all areas of a person’s life. It is known to be particularly effective for improving the following situations: Anxiety and stress Health and Fitness Fears and phobias Relationships Confidence