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Jess Shaw

Wow, what a difference I feel!

I remember I came to you with my word of 2019- "consistency".

I find that I have that now in many areas of my life, my parenting, my moods, my exercise and eating habits etc.

I have gone from hiding in the pantry devouring whatever food came across my path to keeping an intentional awareness of what I have eaten and being mindful about whether I am actually hungry or whether there is a different need going on which can be met another way.

I also allow myself the freedom to enjoy a little of what I like and forgive myself if I have more than a little because that’s ok from time to time too.

Am am able to be much more in the moment when parenting and I am able to differentiate between their big feelings and my own more easily, in doing so I am able to stay calm and use various strategies to help the situation.

I am now kinder to myself when I’m not perfect and things don’t go according to plan.

I had a lot of parent guilt, mostly because my career has been working with children and I held myself (and other people who care for my children) to very high standards. By letting go and forgiving myself (and others) when things do go wrong, I am less stressed day to day and actually parent more consciously and without constant worry and the need to be perfect all the time.

I came to you with a lot of feelings of not feeling capable, worthy and lacking purpose.

Through the NLP sessions with you I have been able to identify many residual thoughts and feelings which were not useful to me any more and as a result when they come up from time to time I am able to recognise them as no longer true and they do not hold me back.

This has helped to create a new motivation and mindset for me, where I can achieve anything if I just keep trying. Thank you for all the support! Looking forward to our next session. Saturday, same time? Jess x Sent from my iPhone

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